Your Library Account

Your Library Account

When you log into your library account you can view your loaned media online, make renewals, add or delete reservations of media and more.

Just click the button "Userfunctions" at the online library catalogue or click the link to log into your library account » 

Customer Number and Password
To use your library account via internet you have to be a registered user with a valid library card.

You need your customer number to log into your account. The customer number is part of your library card. You will find it beneath the bar code. 

To prevent unauthorized use of your library account it is necessary to enter a specific password. The password is your date of birth. For example: 04071956 instead of the 4th of July in the year 1956.

Subsequently you can choose from the functions listed below:

  • loan account / renewals
  • reservations to list
  • charge account to list
  • short information

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