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Geographical position
53 degrees 8 minutes north
8 degrees 13 minutes east

Total area
102,974,808 in m²

total 31 December 2010: 158,233
total 31 December 2011: 158,401
total 31 December 2012: 159,329

Percentage of non-German nationals
10,028 persons = 6,3 %

commercial enterprises: 15,152
companies of the processing industry with a workforce of 20 and more on 31 December 2012: 55 (with 4,299 employees), turnover EUR 947,123,000

winter semester 2012/2013 approx. 14,000 students

total visitors: 131,197
of these non-German nationals: 11,423

Coat of Arms

The coat of arms of the residence city of Oldenburg features a castle with three towers. A legend is told about the origins of the yellow shield with the two blood-red bars in the archway.

Young Count Friedrich, whose father ruled the Ammerland and Rüstringen, fought a lion to defend his father's honour. Count Friedrich killed the lion by a combination of guile and courage. The overseer of the fight, Emperor Henry IV, then dipped his hand into the blood of the lion and wiped it across the golden shield of the victorious Friedrich. This is how the yellow and red coat of arms of the Oldenburg nobility came into being, and it was used later on the shields of many princes of the Oldenburg line on their shields, including the kings of Denmark and the dukes of Schleswig-Holstein and Oldenburg.


Oldenburg has its own hymn: "Heil dir, o Oldenburg!" (Hail thee, O Oldenburg!) The hymn of the Altes Land Oldenburg was composed by Grand Duchess Caecilie von Oldenburg.

The lyrics were written by Theodor von Kobbe in the first half of the 19th century.

Heil dir, o Oldenburg!
Heil deinen Farben!
Gott schütz dein edles Roß,
Er segne deine Garben!
Wie deine Eichen stark,
Wie frei des Merres Flut,
Sei deutscher Männer Kraft
Dein höchstes Gut!

Ehr’ deine Blümelein,
Pfleg’ ihre Triebe.
Blau und rot blühen sie.
Die Freundschaft und die Liebe.
Schleudert den fremden Kiel
Der Sturm an deinem Strand.
Birgt ihn der Lotsen Schar
Mit treuer Hand.

Wer deinem Herde naht,
Fühlt augenblicklich,
Daß er hier heimisch ist,
Er preiset sich so glücklich.
Führt ihr sein Wanderstab
Auch alle Länder durch,
Du bleibst sein liebstes Land,
Mein Oldenburg! 

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