Lakes and Pools

OLantis Huntebad

Visitors to the OLantis Huntebad are able to relax in the sun and water and also on a white sandy beach. It not only offers outdoor and indoor pool facilities, but also has a river swimming area. The natural swimming landscape of the river pool is the first of its kind in Germany. The OLantis also has a lot more to offer, including water fun areas, saunas and wellness and sporting activities.

OLantis Huntebad
Am Schlossgarten 15
26122 Oldenburg

Outdoor Pool Am Flötenteich

Outdoor pool (Freiluftbad) Am Flötenteich
Mühlenhofsweg 80

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Indoor Pool Kreyenbrück

Indoor pool (Hallenbad) Kreyenbrück
Brandenburger Straße 40

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Indoor Pool Eversten

Indoor pool (Hallenbad) Eversten
Brandsweg 50

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Indoor Pool Bischof Stählin

Indoor pool (Hallenbad) Bischof Stählin
Evangelisches Altenzentrum Bischof Stählin
Tübinger Straße 1-13
26125 Oldenburg

Other Pools

University Pool
Further information is available on the website of the University pool »

BTB Pool
Further information is available on the website of the Bürgerfelder Turnerbund »

Oldenburg's Lakes

The Kleine Bornhorster See with its sandy beach and sunbathing areas is located to the north of the city on the eastern side of the A29 motorway. The Kleinen Bornhorster See has a station of the DLRG, the German Lifeguard Association, and is therefore an officially sanctioned swimming lake.

The Grosse Bornhorster See is nearby and is a great place to go for walks.

Although the Woldsee is not actually inside the Oldenburg city limits, it is popular among the residents of Oldenburg as it is officially sanctioned as a swimming lake. There is a DLRG station (German Lifeguard Association), a kiosk and sanitary facilities. The lake can also be easily reached by bike: Simply ride from the Drögen-Hasen-Weg in Wechloy along the railway line towards Bad Zwischenahn. The Woldsee is located on the left after around five kilometres.

Other recreational lakes are the Tweelbäker See with  beach volleyball courts, the Drielaker See in Osternburg, the Nadorster Flötenteich and the Swartemoor in Ofenerdiek.

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