Against Sexual Abuse

Where to find help against sexual abuse

As you probably already know, there are grown-up men and women, teenagers and other children who do offensive and horrible things to young girls and boys. Some men and women frighten children or show them their penis or vagina and want to touch the genitals of girls and boys. Or the children are forced to look at pictures or watch films which they don't want to, or they are pressurised with photos of themselves which no-one else should see. These grown-ups and teenagers are often people who the children have known for some time.

If something like this happens to you, you always have the right to defend yourself and get help. No-one has the right to stop you! Older children and grown-ups know that what they are doing is forbidden and then often tell you lies.

Please contact us

We are a special department at the Youth, Family and Schools Office of the City of Oldenburg which deals with the sexual abuse of children and young people. If you need help, you can talk to us on the phone, e-mail us or leave a message so we can call you back. You can also come to us on your own or together with a friend.

Please click the link for our adress and telephone number »

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