Loan and Reservation

Loan of Library Material

In general you can borrow media for a period of four weeks. For some media there are special loan periods as you can see in the following table.

Please take note of the due date on the receipt given to you. In addition, please examine your loan for its full entirety.

Medium Loan period Charge Extension of time
Book 4 weeks none yes
Bestseller 4 weeks 2,00 Euro no
CD 4 weeks 0,30 Euro yes
CD package (four and more) 4 weeks 1,00 Euro yes
CD-ROM 4 weeks 1,00 Euro yes
Cassette 4 weeks none yes
Game 4 weeks none yes
Educational film / documentary 14 days 1,00 Euro yes
Motion picture 7 days 1,00 Euro yes
Newspaper only on location none -
Magazine 7 days, 14 days, 4 weeks (depending on topicality) none partly yes

Reservation of Media

For a small fee, we will be happy to reserve media of our library system and deliver it to any library of your choice on request.  

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