Extending the Loan Period

How to Extend the Loan Period

Generally it is possible to extend the loan period for the borrowed media up to three times. Exception to this regulation are the following media:

  • titles which are being held for other customers
  • bestseller (subject to charge)
  • the brand new copies of magazines

At the Library
Renewals made at the service points in the library are free of charge. You will get a receipt on which the new date of return is stated.

By Telephone, E-mail or in Written Form
For renewals by telephone, e-mail or in written form you have to state your customer number » Because you will get a receipt a fee of € 0,50 is charged.

The loan period can also be extended online via the library catalogue (OPAC). Because the new date of return is displayed directly the extension is free of charge. Please click the link to read how to use the customer account »  

Zuletzt geändert am 21. November 2022