General Social Services

General social services offers assistance to children, young people and adults

  • Do you have any questions concerning parenting?
  • Do you have any questions on separation, divorce, parental rights (visiting rights)?
  • Does your child have any problems at school or with friends?
  • Have you noticed anything unusual in your child's behaviour or has any one else pointed something out to you?
  • Do you know a child who is a victim of physical, sexual or psychological violence or abuse?
  • Are you in a difficult financial position? Are you threatened by homelessness?
  • Do you or someone you know need help, for example due to illness and/or old age?

Adults, young people and children in Oldenburg can address such questions to the General Social Services department. Advice is also given anonymously if preferred, and no names are mentioned.


Please click the link for further information, contact data and office hours »

In the event of crises

If you see that a child is in serious danger, please contact our Emergency Service immediately! Click the following link for contact data of the Emergency Service »

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