Health Care for Patients with a Migration Background

For various reasons access to the German health system for people with a migration background can be difficult. Some immigrants are not familiar with certain types of examination, for example the early diagnosis examinations for children. Such prophylactic examinations may not be the norm in other countries. Language barriers and cultural differences can also be hurdles in obtaining suitable medical care.

The German Health Care System
Do you have health problems or would like to take part in the preventative care scheme? Your first contact for children is a paediatrician and for adults your local GP.

Although the German health care system has come under a great deal of criticism, it is still one of the best in the world. Most necessary medical treatment is covered by the state health insurance companies which insure around 90 percent of all residents. Only the "practice fee" of 10 Euro has to be paid every three months for the dentist and doctor. Children do not have to pay a practice fee.

Further Information
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