Ensembles and Projects

Experiencing Music Together: Ensembles/Projects

Making music in a group is even more fun, and the Music School already offers the option of becoming involved in ensembles and projects from the beginning during the first instrumental courses. Many of these are free of charge as part of the supplementary specialised courses.

Available courses

  • The Garden Spirits (first string orchestra for children from 5-10 years of age)
  • The Little Orchestra (beginner's orchestra from 11 years of age)
  • Oldenburg Youth Orchestra (the large symphony orchestra of the Music School)
  • M-Band (big band)
  • "Windstärke 12" (big band)
  • Bands and combos (rock, pop and jazz)
  • Theatrix (children's music theatre group for primary school children)
  • Music theatre workshop (music theatre for children from 10 years of age)
  • Children's choir
  • "Staakenchor" (adult choir)
  • "Crossing borders" (jazz and pop choir for all ages)
  • Rhythm workshop (for adults)

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