Parks and Gardens

Palace Gardens

Oldenburg's renowned palace gardens, which celebrated their 200th birthday in 2008, are located at the heart of the city. These gardens are a green jewel styled in the manner of an English landscape garden with ancient trees, waterways and sumptuous meadows.

26122 Oldenburg


The former city walls surround the inner city, and these ramparts with their winding waterways are still reminiscent of ancient times when the city's inhabitants had to defend the historic city centre.

26122 Oldenburg

Botanical Garden

Founded in 1882 as a "seminar garden" for teacher training purposes, today the Botanical Garden is managed by the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg. Around 7,000 different types of plants and exotic trees and shrubs are planted in various plant territories, medicinal and farmhouse gardens and the Alpinum.

Philosophenweg 39-41
26121 Oldenburg

Auditory Garden

Visitors to the auditory garden directly next to the "House of Hearing" (Hörgarten) of the Oldenburg Hearing Research Association discover more about acoustics and hearing in a fun way. The garden features a number of fascinating exhibits such as the whispering gallery, the acoustic cannon and the wind harp. You can get further information at

Marie-Curie-Straße 2
26129 Oldenburg 

Eversten Holz

The Eversten Holz is a landscaped park which extends over around 18 hectares and is a magnet for recreational sports enthusiasts with its 2.5 km long running track. It was created at the beginning of the 19th century by Julius Bosse who was commissioned by the Grand Duke Paul Friedrich August, who also created the palace gardens.

26122 Oldenburg


Many famous citizens of Oldenburg are buried in the Gertrudenfriedhof cemetery. This park is definitely worth a visit, and you will be able to see the graves of the artist Horst Janssen, the physician Dr. Wilhelm Schüssler and the social pedagogue Edith Russ as well as the grand ducal mausoleum.

26121 Oldenburg

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