Online Town Hall

In our Online Town Hall we provide all important information on the services offered by the City of Oldenburg in German. Details on the offices, departments and locations of the City Administration are also available.

There Are Several Ways to Find the Required Information:

User groups » 
This lists the topics which are of high relevance for specific user groups (such as "Foreign Residents", "Young people" etc.).

Life situations » 
This features all topics which are relevant in certain life situations (such as "Marriage", "Social Services", "Cars, Roads and Transport" etc.).

Services from A-Z » 
This section lists all services of the City of Oldenburg in alphabetical order. If you have a specific question, you can find all you need to know such as the organisational unit responsible, which documents you need, whether you will be required to pay costs, if documentation is available for downloading etc.

Forms » 
Here can find any specific form you are looking for. The forms are listed in alphabetical order.

Organisation, contact and opening hours » 
All departments of the City Administration with opening hours, phone numbers, addresses and other helpful information is given here.

Where Can I Find What?
The addresses of the main offices are shown on our virtual city map. Please click on the following link to view the city map »