City Administration

Get to Know the City Administration

More than 2,000 people are employed by the Oldenburg City Administration to take care of the needs of its residents and ensure effective execution of all the city's duties. The City Administration is distributed among around 40 offices across the city.

The City Administration is a modern service organisation. It is responsible for a wide range of tasks ranging from traffic planning to the extension of green areas. The City of Oldenburg also maintains kindergartens, playgrounds and schools. The cultural obligations include maintenance of the libraries and museums. The municipal fire brigade is on standby around the clock. The medical care of the residents of Oldenburg to the latest standards is also guaranteed by the state-run Klinikum Oldenburg. A number of recreational facilities such as swimming amenities, event venues and much more are also run by the City Administration.

Modern Service

Visits to the respective offices are often no longer necessary or are at least well prepared due to the convenient Online Town Hall » on the internet.

The team of the Service Centre » provides assistance in all official matters at the central phone number +49 441 235-4444. 

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