Social Affairs

Social Security Office – Services and Contact

The Social Security Office of the City of Oldenburg supports people who require assistance with procuring their basic means of subsistence. Furthermore the office can also provide support in difficult circumstances. more »

Oldenburg Pass for Extra Discounts

The Oldenburg Pass helps citizens with low incomes to participate in various social activities by granting a wide range of discounts. It is valid, for example, for discounts on various cultural events, libraries, sports clubs and more »


Oldenburg's All-For-Free-market (Verschenkmarkt) » where all goods are free is similar to charity shops, only everything is available at no cost: housewares, tableware, glasses, toys, textiles, clothing, furnitures, technical and electronic devices, tools, books and so on. An internet All-For-Free-Market has been founded additionally.

Community Charity Store "Mehr-Wert" Sells Bargain Goods from Furniture to Clothing

The community charity store "Mehr-Wert" (more value) collects second-hand goods of all kinds, cleans and repairs them and offers them for sale at bargain prices. more »

Oldenburg for Free

Many facilities in Oldenburg offer goods for free or for little money. The Agenda Office of the Local Agenda 21 of the City of Oldenburg has listed the contact data of a lot of facilities in a brochure. more »

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