Oldenburg Pass

Oldenburg Pass for Extra Discounts

The Oldenburg Pass helps citizens with low incomes to participate in various social activities by granting a wide range of discounts. It is valid, for example, for discounts on further training courses, various cultural events, entrance fees to theatres and museums, libraries, music schools, sports clubs and more.

The Oldenburg Pass was created by the Local Agenda 21 of the City of Oldenburg. On our German web pages further information on the Oldenburg Pass », the Agenda Office and project groups is available.

Where to Get the Oldenburg Pass

For a small fee the Oldenburg Pass is issued after an income assessment. Please bring your latest ALG II or other income support notice with you. All asylum seekers registered in Oldenburg can also obtain the pass. 

Please click the following link for contact data and office hours ».

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