Social Security Office

Social Security Office – Services and Contact

The Social Security Office of the City of Oldenburg supports people who require assistance with procuring their basic means of subsistence. Furthermore the office can also provide support in difficult circumstances.

  • One main element is assistance for people with disabilities (integration support) and long-term care patients (care assistance).
  • Another responsibility is the financial support provided for securing a livelihood such as welfare benefits defined in the Germany Social Security Code (SGB XII) for asylum seekers, senior citizens and people with disabilities or a reduced earning capacity.
    This does not apply to employable persons who are entitled to receive benefits as defined in the SGB II (job-seekers allowance) and who have to submit an application to the ARGE (Job Centre). Please click the link for further information on the ARGE »
  • The Social Security Office is also responsible for helping those in need to find and maintain housing as well as other financial benefits such as a housing allowance as well as education grants for schoolchildren.
  • The Social Security Office also has an advisory department which is involved if adults are no longer able to take care of their own legal affairs due to a serious illness or disability.

Services of the Social Security Office

Information on the services of the Social Security Office is available on our German website. Click one of the following links to access more information in German. You can also visit us during normal opening hours or call us on the phone for further assistance.


Please click the link for further information, contact data and office hours »

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