Council and Politics

How Do Local Politics Work in Oldenburg?

As a citizen of Oldenburg or a visitor to the city you may already have wondered how local politics are organised. The following pages contain information on the various departments and institutions which shape the fortunes of the city and the options which are open to citizens for becoming involved in political affairs.

"Local authorities are the basis of the democratic state. They manage their affairs within the framework of the law with the aim of promoting the well-being of their citizens…" This provision is contained in Section 1 of the Local Authority Law of the Federal State of Lower Saxony, which forms the legal basis for the organisation of local authority structures in Lower Saxony and therefore for the independent municipality of Oldenburg.

Three Bodies
A local authority or city requires suitable bodies to enable it to act independently. A local authority or city has three such bodies: The City Council is the main body, the Administration Committee is the second body and the mayor is the third body of the local authority and is its external representative.

The Oldenburg City Council and the Mayor are democratically elected by its citizens. Apart from elections, citizens have ample opportunity to become involved in local politics, from working in a political party to attending a citizens' question time.

Further Information for Foreign Residents

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