How Citizens Influence Politics

Citizens Can Shape and Influence Politics

Democracy needs people who are prepared to devote their time and energy to furthering the interests of themselves and other people. What options do citizens have?

Several suggestions are given below:

  • Elections are the most important way to be involved in shaping political will. On our website you can read about electoral rights for foreign residents » 
  • Citizens can become involved in political parties or found their own party.
  • It is also possible to make direct contact with the parliamentary delegates if you are not a member of a party, and the matter which concerns you will then be taken up. Here is a list of all parties and the parliamentary delegates of the Oldenburg City Council »
  • Associations, citizens action groupsand unions offer you the opportunity to become politically involved. In Lower Saxony there are also other options for becoming involved, for example by submitting a resident's application or a public petition for a local referendum.
  • Citizen's forums also offer the citizens of Oldenburg the option of discussing various plans and projects with politicians and administrative personnel. For example, the City of Oldenburg convened citizen's forums for the participatory budget.
  • The City of Oldenburg offers its residents the opportunity to put forward a resident's question. The questions – up to three – must be addressed in advance in a concise, written form to the Mayor »
  • During the Mayor's question time the citizens of Oldenburg can address their concerns and questions on topics regarding the Oldenburg City Administration directly to the Mayor ». The dates are published in the local press or can be obtained from the Mayor's office.

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