International Oldenburg

From Intercultural Understanding to Strategic Multilateral Partnerships

For the City of Oldenburg its manifold international contacts are very important. The close connection to our twin towns is an essential part of that. But we are increasingly involved in international activities that go far beyond the friendly partnerships between twin towns.

Currently Oldenburg has close ties with it’s twin towns or partners Cholet (France), Groningen (the Netherlands), Kingston upon Thames (United Kingdom), Machatschkala (Russia), Mateh Asher (Israel), Rügen (Germany) and Taastrup (Denmark). Furthermore there are cooperations and strategic partnerships with Baltimore (USA), Wuhu, Tianjin, Xiiàn and Xuzouh (China). The evolving connections to China are an achievement of the City’s China Initiative which was launched by Mayor Prof. Dr. Gerd Schwandner.

The positive European links are used to focus on contemporary topics as part of EU projects together with partners from the business and the scientific communities.

At the beginning twinning activities were mainly limited to meetings on the private level in which the people from the different twin cities and communities came together by organising sporting and cultural activities. As a result of globalisation, in recent years business links have also evolved which are fostered by the local authorities. New fields of cooperation also open up when various partners participate together in EU projects. These contacts also serve to make Oldenburg a city with an international orientation and a place which is constantly evolving and becoming even more lively and attractive to live in.

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