Partnership with Groningen

Groningen and Oldenburg Work Hand in Hand for Success

The city of Oldenburg and the Dutch city of Groningen have had very special ties for a long time which by far exceed the scope of customary town twinning activities.

Longtime Relationship
The cities have maintained these links since the end of the forties. Students from both communities originally took the initiative, and organised sporting competitions. Relations were deepened by contacts between the Local Court of Oldenburg and the Cantonal Court of Groningen in 1981, and the twinning agreement between the cities was signed on 1 December 1989. Since then Oldenburg and Groningen have been twinned and their ties have strengthened with continuously deepening contacts on administrational, business and scientific levels and - particularly important - in the private friendships which have evolved between the cities' inhabitants.

Universities and the chambers of commerce also cooperate. Companies regularly meet and attend trade fairs under a common flag. The cities' administration offices and councillors are in close contact, and colleagues from the administration offices even spend time in the offices of the respective twin town on working visits.

The "10 Point Programme"
On 22 April 2008 Oldenburg was the venue of the first joint council meeting. The "10 Point Programme" was passed at the meeting as a signpost for the future twinning policies in ten different fields. In addition the cities collaborate successfully in initiatives and scientific research projects, for example the trilateral cooperation agreement between Groningen, Bremen and Oldenburg or the EU Creative City Challenge project.

A Reason to Celebrate: 20 Years of Town Twinning
In 2010 a great anniversary was celebrated. Since 20 years Groningen and Oldenburg have been successfully committed to town twinning activities. On 29 January 2010 citizens, politicians and representatives of both city administrations who got involved with the partnership of the twin towns celebrated with a reception at Groningen’s “Het Palais”.

Groningen’s Mayor Peter Rehwinkel and Oldenburg’s Mayor Gerd Schwandner both highlighted the strong and amicable relationship of the two towns. As Mayor Peter Rehwinkel said it were “the first 20 years of a long and happy marriage of Oldenburg and Groningen”. 

Strong Basis for the Future
The foundations for success: Oldenburg and Groningen have a great deal in common. Both cities have similar structures and are centres of dynamically and economically growing regions. Oldenburg as the "German City of Science 2009" and the "Übermorgenstadt", and Groningen as the "City of Talent" are continuing to make their mark on a national and international level. Both are examples in their own right of modern, lively cities which are developing a new urbanity.  For this reason Oldenburg and Groningen are in a position to establish a strong axis with a city corridor in the flourishing area of North and North-Eastern Europe.

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