Citizens' Office

The Citizens' Office: First Point of Contact for All New Residents

The Citizens' Office ("Bürgerbüro") Mitte and the Citizens' Office ("Bürgerbüro") Nord of the City of Oldenburg are one of the first points of contact for you as a new resident of Oldenburg.

Please Don't Forget! Registering at the Citizens' Office
You can register yourself and your family here. Please bring your ID card or passport. Please also remember that all members of the family who moved to Oldenburg have to be registered: If these are children who do not have a passport or ID card, you have to bring your personal documents or the birth certificates with you. If you have a car, it is also necessary to re-register it and obtain an Oldenburg number plate. Please bring all your car documents, the current number plate and certification of its suitability for road use (MOT/TÜV report).

The Registration Law of Lower Saxony and the Vehicle Registration Ordinance stipulate that this must be done within one week of arrival. If you do not comply with these deadlines, a penalty is charged.

Important Applications and Information
In addition the Citizens' Offices provide a great deal of useful information which will help you during the first few days in the city:

  • e.g. applications for clearance certificates and examination entitlement certificates,
  • official notarisations, lost & found (Citizens' Office Mitte),
  • Application forms for waste disposal services and for changing collection details 
  • and the sale of cards for the collection of bulky items and waste bags.
  • You can apply to change your driving licence or obtain a German licence in its place at the Citizens' Office Nord.




Bürgerbüro Mitte
Pferdemarkt 14
26121 Oldenburg



Bürgerbüro Nord
Stiller Weg 10
26121 Oldenburg

Office Hours
Please visit the German website for further information and office hours

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