Foreign Residents' Office

The Foreign Residents' Office

The Foreign Residents' Office ("Ausländerbüro") of the City of Oldenburg is responsible for all foreigners who live in Oldenburg or who are registered in the city.

Information on the services of the Foreign Residents' Office is available on our German website. Click the following links to open a window with the German explanations. Here you will also find contact data, forms and information sheets as well as information on the legal regulations.

  • Legal affairs » (including general legal information for foreign residents, different types of residence permits)
  • Visa » (also extension of visa for short-term stays, Schengen visa)
  • Visitor invitations » (including information on visits of up to three months and information on the submission of an affidavit of support)
  • Legal nationality questions » (including information on applying for German nationality = naturalisation)


Foreign Residents' Office
Pferdemarkt 14
26121 Oldenburg

Please remember to make an appointment before going to the Foreign Residents' Office. Please click the link for further contact data »

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