A Good Education Opens up Chances for Life

Oldenburg offers every opportunity for a good education. And in Germany a good education opens up many important chances for the future life. Without a school degree it is very difficult for young people to find employment.

The success of the pupil depends not least on the appropriate support by the parents. So get involved with the school career of your child and be attentive when there are problems. It is especially important for parents to seek a regular exchange of thoughts with the child’s teachers. Wrong developments and difficulties can often be prevented if parents and teachers start a dialogue early enough.

Do You Have Questions?

If you have questions, difficulties or suggestions please contact the child’s teacher first. Afterwards the head of the school and the Department for School and Education of the City of Oldenburg can be of assistance. Please click the link for further information on the Department for School and Education ».

Education Mentors for Primary School Children

You can also seek help by an Education Mentor ». Education Mentors help primary school children with a migration background with their homework and many more school related issues.

Further Information

On our German web pages you can get news on education and schools in Oldenburg ».

Beyond that you can get further information on the German web pages of the Landesschulbehörde Niedersachsen ».

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