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Oldenburg: The Educational Hub of the Region

The City of Oldenburg is the educational hub of the region with the Carl von Ossietzky University, three Universities of Applied Science and more than 70 general education schools, vocational, specialised and private schools. It is not without reason that Oldenburg was named Germany's City of Science in 2009.

The following pages provide an overview of educational options in Oldenburg. These include the websites of the city library and the city archives. Parents will get information on schools.

Scientists and international students will find excellent conditions for research and studying in Oldenburg. A very lively scientific landscape, close links with businesses, international courses of study and cooperation programmes are all contributing factors. Beyond that further training courses are offered which are targeted directly at immigrants who have already started or finished studying in their country of origin.

Excellent Universities and First-Class Researchers

Oldenburg is home to outstanding scientific institutions and the research and business communities are very closely interlinked. Various international courses of study and cross-border university cooperation programmes are an important element of academic life. more »

International Students

Students from other nations will find excellent conditions for studying and research in Oldenburg and enjoy an open atmosphere in a modern but still homely city with its endearing traditions. more »

Opportunities for Immigrants with University Education

Oldenburg offers further training courses targeted directly at people with a migration background who have already started or finished studying in their country of origin. more »

Oldenburg is a City of Science

Every year the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft, the national innovation agency for German science, awards the title "City of Science". Oldenburg's successful application for 2009 was entitled "Übermorgenstadt", which literally means "The city of the day after tomorrow". more »

Libraries and Archives

Several libraries and two archives are located in Oldenburg. The Oldenburg Public Library offers an attractive selection of media inculding foreign language.The Oldenburg City Archive is responsible for archiving written documents or other information media related to the City of Oldenburg. more »


Oldenburg offers every opportunity for a good education. The success of the pupil depends not least on the appropriate support by the parents. So get involved with the school career of your child. more »

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