Universities and Research

Excellent Scientific Institutions and First-Class Researchers

Oldenburg is home to excellent scientific institutions and first-class researchers. The university itself is only almost 40 years old, but it can already look back over a history of outstanding scientific achievements. It is also located in a leafy, verdant environment and therefore perfectly in keeping with Oldenburg's image as a city with high living standards and somewhere to put down roots, as it is an excellent place to study and follow a scientific career. The Jade University of Applied Sciences with its engineering and economics graduate courses enjoys a reputation which goes far beyond the borders of the region. The teaching methods and research are application oriented and emphasis is placed on independent work and the development of unconventional solutions.

With its other higher education colleges and non-university research institutions, Oldenburg has a very lively scientific landscape.

Main Research Topics

The main research topics at universities and non-university research institutions include:

  • Power research (also with a project group of the Fraunhofer Society)
  • Neurosensorics
  • Assistive technologies and medical technology
  • Audiology and hearing research (also with a project group of the Fraunhofer Society)
  • Computer science
  • Coastal, marine and climate research (also with two young researcher groups of the Max Planck Society)
  • Environmental sciences
  • Civil engineering and pipeline construction
  • Photogrammetry and geoinformatics
  • Teaching and learning studies
  • Women and gender studies
  • Humanities and social sciences

Business Networking

Another priority in Oldenburg is networking between the business and scientific communities. The Oldenburg Energy Cluster (OLEC) », for example, which focuses on the development of sustainable energy technology, is a platform for the collaboration of companies, scientific and educational institutions.

The technology transfer offices of the University of Oldenburg and the Jade University of Applied Sciences have been central contact points for partners from industry for many years. The Oldenburg Technology and Business Start-Up Centre (TGO) » is the first address for potential company founders aiming to set up a business straight from university.

The very close relationship between the scientific and business communities is also demonstrated by the large number of privately financed foundation professorships. One example is the circle which has formed around the Oldenburg Chamber of Commerce and the Oldenburg Employer's Association to support an Entrepreneurship foundation professorship.

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