Tourist Information Centre

Services of the Oldenburg Tourist Information Centre

Did you decide yesterday that you want to do something tomorrow? Then visit the Tourist Information Centre of Oldenburg Tourismus und Marketing GmbH (OTM), where you will also be able to find out what is going on the day after tomorrow.

The Tourist Information Centre is the right address for everyone looking for something to do in Oldenburg – no matter if you are a visitor to the Übermorgenstadt or if you live here. Ask the OTM team if you want to buy tickets for events and city tours, need information on the city or if you are looking for souvenirs. They will also be able to give you tips, advice and suggestions if you are not yet sure about what you want to experience in a city with 900 year old traditions which are deeply routed in the history of Northern Germany, and which is the home and future of more than 160,000 people.

A host of useful information is available at the website of the Tourist Information Centre »

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