Community Service Centres

Community service centres in Oldenburg

Community Service Centres are central contact points in the various city districts. They are meeting points where residents of all ages and nationalities of the district can meet, do things together and shape life in their district. Advice, counselling and assistance are also offered.

In Oldenburg there are Community Service Centres in the districts of Ohmstede, Kreyenbrück, Bloherfelde/ Eversten and Dietrichsfeld. All four Community Service Centres are funded by the Youth, Family and Schools Office (Amt für Jugend, Familie und Schule) of the City of Oldenburg.

The Council Resolution of March 1996 states that community service work is a socio-political task which encompasses all generations and nationalities in its activities.

The centres are used by visitors as contact points to meet people in similar circumstances, take part in various activities together and to support one another in parenting questions. To this purpose the centres organise breakfast cafés, offer advice and support in all life issues, offer courses and organise meetings for creative work. Young families in particular can take part in group activities in all Community Service Centres which are tailored to their needs. These include parent and toddler groups and playgroups as well as the "Griffbereit" and "Rucksack" language training schemes.

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