The museum shows the biography of Horst Janssen and his work in well assembled groups: drawings and water colours, cycles of etchings, wood carvings, lithographies, posters and illustrations. For more Information visit the Website of the Horst-Janssen-Museum »

Municipal Museum

The Oldenburg Municipal Museum (Stadtmuseum) documents the historical development of the city. It gives an insight into the history of art and culture from the baroque period through to the Art Nouveau period, and boasts a stunning collection of antiques. Visit the Website of the Stadtmuseum for more Information »


With its focus on Media Art the Edith-Russ-Haus is a place in which the progressing digitalization is as well discussed as the virtualization of the world. It shows innovative and experimental tendencies of contemporary art. Find out more on the Website of the Edith-Russ-Haus »

State Museum for Art and Cultural History

The collection of the State Museum for Art and Cultural History is placed in three locations. In the Oldenburg Palace there are the historic rooms, the show of decorative arts and regional history. The Augusteum presents the larger part of the Old Masters collection, while the Prinzenpalais is home for the New Master paintings of the 19th and 20th centuries. More Information about the State Museum for Art and Cultural History can be found on the Website »

State Museum for Nature and Man

Bog people, rare finds and animals from the region are being shown in the State Museum for Nature and Man in Oldenburg. Unique treasures of natural and cultural history are showcased in the exhibitions. For more Information visit the Website of the State Museum for Nature and Man »

Oldenburg Kunstverein

The Oldenburg Kunstverein is one of the oldest art associations in Germany. In accordance with its mission to mediate contemporary art, the exhibitions of the Kunstverein focus on national and international trends in art development. Visit the Website of the Oldenburg Kunstverein for more information »


Home computers and video games of the seventies and eighties can be seen and also tested in the small Computer-Museum in Oldenburg. The chronologically arranged exhibition currently shows about 50 classics from 1977 through 1987. Visit the website of the Computer-Museum for more Information »


The Artothek Oldenburg is an art library and a forum for the regional art scene which promotes the work and interests of artists. The Artothek purchases, exhibits and lends original works of art to support regional artists. You can find more information at the Artothek Website »

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