Try Historical Computers and Video Games at the Computer-Museum

Home computers and video games of the seventies and eighties can be seen and also tested in the Computer-Museum in Oldenburg. The chronologically arranged exhibition currently shows about 50 classics from 1977 through 1987. Among these are Commodore PET, Apple ][, Sinclair ZX 81, Atari 800 XL and the Amiga 500. The most notable video games are shown as well and less popular but noteworthy computers line the shelves.

The exhibition is special due to its hands-on concept: 20 computers are fully operational and equipped with neccessary software. They can – and should! – be used, explored and experienced. This way, visitors can get an actual feeling of classic computers and their relation to modern developments. They can feel the progress of individual aspects (graphics, sound, speed, storage, bulkiness, etc.) on their own, or they can just go about and play their favourite C64 game of old times. Since most machines start up with the programming language BASIC built-in, the experience of computer programming as a natural, daily affair comes free as part of the historic journey.

Driven by private volunteers, the computer museum has lasted successfully since November 2008. On November, 10th 2009, the non-profit association Oldenburger Computer-Museum e.V. was founded. Its main purpose is to support and expand the continuous operation of a public exhibition.

The Computer-Museum has hosted more than a thousand visitors from all over Germany plus some international guests and frequently, guided tours are given to school classes, students and other interested parties. During these tours, an individual visitor-specific journey is taken through the infancy of home computing, emphasizing aspects like the cultural, technical or economic influence these early computer had and still have.

Information for Visitors

Computer-Museum Oldenburg e.V.
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26122 Oldenburg

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